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Nova 28 Published

Shortly before Christmas the editorial team of the award winning German science fiction magazine Nova, perhaps the best-known subproject of the World Culture Hub, managed to complete its last task of the year and have the latest issue #28 published. It includes new stories Dirk Alt, Marcus Hammerschmitt, Wolfgang Moerth, Tom Turtschi, Uwe Schimunek, Tino Falke, Victor Boden, Paul Sanker and Wolf Welling, a poem by Volly Tanner and a guest story by renowned Romanian science fiction writer Liviu Surugiu. Of special interest may be, in the nonfiction section, a discussion about the recent renaming of the James Tiptree jr. Award with statements by Dirk Alt, Michael K. Iwoleit and, a special honor for the magazine, Tiptree biographer Julie Philips.