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  • The WCH in Second Life

    Please notice that the information page about our installation in the 3d Internet world of Second Life has been updated, including new links to the various landing points.

  • Pioneers of Rock’n’Roll: Indonesian Bands in Germany

    by Helmut Wenske What I have to say about the Indonesian bands mainly refers to the late 1950ies and early 1960ies because the Indo rock was already past its peak […]

  • Nova 28 Published

    Shortly before Christmas the editorial team of the award winning German science fiction magazine Nova, perhaps the best-known subproject of the World Culture Hub, managed to complete its last task […]

  • Next Virtual Event: Konjaku Monogatarishu

    The geishas of The Little Yoshiwara – one of the longest-standing and most authentic Japanese themed sims in Second Life – will again perform classical Japanese stories, dance and music […]

  • Next Virtual Event: The Battle of Dan-no-Ura

    Due to an indisposition of our webmaster this announcement is a little short-termed but we hope it will still reach some of our target audience: The geishas of The Little […]

  • The Turkish Chekhov: Some Remarks on Sait Faik

    by Michael K. Iwoleit It’s an irony that a man who carved out such a humble, peripheral existence, who never really managed to establish himself in ordinary life, who prefered […]

  • Virtual Event: Tale of the Heike

    The next event in our Second Life installation will take place on Saturday, May 25th, starting at 2:00 pm Second Life time / 23:00 CET. The geishas of The Little […]

  • Nova 27 Published

    p.machinery has just published issue #27 of Nova, a magazine for contemporary German science fiction short stories founded by Ronald M. Hahn, Helmuth W. Mommers and WCH administrator Michael K. […]